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Via con Dios. Well, lets may as well get comfy, because it's St. 420 Day'. Far out, man. No time for vampires and such, we're here to relax. Mr. Morimoto Roto Noto will see you now.

Many of us get the munchies, the recreational only users. Some of us self-catagorize (if at all) to medicinal and/or recreational. Others, of course, medicinal only. The only reason I made that oblique reference to the Atomic Gumshoe (Roto Noto) was to be able to make reference to Firesign Theatre, the only legitimate Christian Church in North America.

"Let us now gaze unto our sanitary pedestals, and retreat into our recesses for the dog. And the dog became word. Thus, by the property of transubstantiation, it became the word, "hot dog". They did say, yum, thinking it was good. And a sage did ask, "but what of vegans and such?" So the Lord said, "Good question, kid. Let them eat something else!" So did we eat."