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This woman is celebrating her birth day and the halfway point paying back student loans.

“All my student loan money went to ITT Technical Institute. Had I gone to real school, I'd have taken physics, and learned to stay away from black holes”

~ Lambada Riesling, SSGT US Army (ret.)

“I learned to put memory chips into computers, and all it cost me was my first born and my dignity”

~ Joe Pesce on what he got for his student loan money

“Mum sold off a slice of her liver and a kidney. Only 4 more years to go!”

~ Anonymous London resident on the state student loans has put his life into

Student loans are responsible for 67% of clinical depression in the United States, 44% of bad English teeth, 77% of your mom and Quagmire from Family Guy. Signed in blood, and generally cosigned by Satan, these legal contracts bind many Western people into low-boil slavery to the banking industry, and are guaranteed by the farming industry of Nebraska. Terms are, a little money now for a lot of blood six months after you graduate, or if you drop out, due immediately.

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