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Superchap!, To the rescue!!!

Superchap is the English version of Superman. He likes tea and football, and says stuff like "Indeed", or "Indubitably", whatever that means.

Despite his remarkable powers, Superchap is unable to wear a top hat without looking like a younger Uncle Sam, and as such cannot solve crime were it to take place in places of prestige, for fear of being branded a "yank".


  • Freeze vision - He uses it to freeze his enemy's tea. Very unpleasant, I say.
  • Fire breath - Burns his enemy's crumpets. Also very unpleasant.
  • Bad breath - Very unpleasant indeed.
  • Flight - He can only fly down, otherwise known as falling. It interrupts a football game. Very unpleasant indeed.
  • Super-wimpiness - Cannot lift things heavier than a big, boring English dictionary.
  • Odd accent - If his enemy is not English, he shall use a British accent and strange expressions. It shall boggle the enemy's mind, causing him to fall in a coma. Very unpleasant.
  • Medusa vision - Can turn a man into scone. Very pleasant if you're hungry.
  • Sock-sandal Combination - Offends the eyes of potential criminals. Humungously unpleasant (unless you're male and British).


  • Madame Lois Lanington IV - She is Superchap's girlfriend.


  • Lord Ireland - An evil clone of Superchap. Practically looks the same, but with a green costume and a different flag on his chest. Fortunately for Superchap, Lord Ireland is often incapacitated by Guiness and therefore unable to cause any more than minor crime.

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