The Glass

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  • The Pessimist - The glass is half empty
  • The Optimist - No no no, the glass is in fact half full.
  • The Optimist on drugs - The glass is MOVING!!! Wow, is that Hugh Heffner on an apple?
  • The Oppurtunist - The glass is mine!!!
  • The Cynic - Pfffft, I sincerely doubt thta.
  • The Pedant - You mispelled 'that'.
  • The Cynic - Oh piss off Pedant, all you do is inflict your poor form of comic relief upon our unwanting and unhumoured miserable lives.
  • The Pedant - In English?
  • The Cynic - FUCK. THAT. SHIT.
  • Pedant - ....So yeah back to the glass.
  • Barry Scott - BANG! And the glass is gone.
  • The Thirsty Kid clasping at thin air, with juice now all over his shirt - Hey I was drinking that!
  • The Psychic - The glass fortells your future
  • The State-the-obviouss-type-person - Yeah I know it has "You are going to die" enscribed on the side.
  • The Sadist - (Has broken the glass and is slashing it wildly at the masochist)
  • The Masochist - Ahh, that's the stuff boys!
  • Liam - XIFL!!! :O
  • The Reader - wut?
  • The Therianthropist - Woof! Woof!
  • The Defeatist - Oh well, were all going to die now. May as well give up trying to translate the Bible into Esperanto.
  • The Archaeologist - It's a shame though. That glass could of been some form of early Victorian glassware.
  • The Dramatist - Well it's too late now! You antagonistic Bastard!
  • The Antagonist - Hey that's my line!
  • The Opthamologist - Guys! Keep to the script!
  • The Antagoist - What the fuck is a Opthamologist?

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