The wheels on the insanity bus go round and round...

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You call that a tour van? HUH?!

(deranged, barely discernible singing) The wheels on the bus go round and round...~

This is the diary of an upcoming fashion designer during the stages of her emergence beyond obscurity. If they end up commissioning me to make, like, forty thousand dresses in a night, I'm probably going to go all-out crazy.

A giddying dose of recognition[edit]

Oh goodness. Ice cream social golf! Ehehehehehe. Aw, I lost again. Ehe. Ehe. I know it's bad, but - ooh! Shiny!

Propelled forward into the depths of fame[edit]

I have all the things! And people to do stuff for me! Now I must sew! And cut! And sew! Sew magical! Sew cute! Don'tcha just love these terrible puns? Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hawt like me? Rar. EHEE-MAIL.

I'm baaaack![edit]

Rar rar rar, ra ra rara rarar rarara; rarara ra ara rara.
Arar arar rrarar arrrra rararara Rara Kurofuto.
Ra arara ara ar rah rararupushi rar aar ara ararar.

Wait a second; I'm actually leaving this time?[edit]

But I thought I was just-

They wrote me a tribute song? Oh, I think I'm gonna cry.[edit]

Without you, I'm just a cake
Because you're a work of art in itself
And there'll be no torte to commit that tort
So on behalf of all of us, I'd like to say
You were so fashionable
And I'M SO CURIOUS! (point) (point)

I never told that Mavis she could ship my designs to Japan and Korea.[edit]

ララララララ; ララララ, ラララララル。

랄랄랄라라라라, 라라랄랄. 랄라라라라...

I like boats (NB: not boars. Boats.)[edit]

You're not gonna stop me now, May Viss. Vay Miss. Miss Vay. I tried getting to that rather cake-shaped hunk of a building, the cafe, but no-one was there because everyone was out racing dem boars- uh, boats. So I decided to join them.

Oh, thank goodness. She's finally taking the bus.[edit]

I TOLD YOU, IT'S A VAN! When will you ever learn, dookface?

So it seems I'm not becoming famous after all. Oh well. Rarsies!