Lara Croft

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I'm kinda like unsure what she would do to your computer to hurt it. Oh wait I got an idea...

If you happen to unecessarily place your computer in your house whilst cleaning your oven which is coincedentally also in your house your computer will come down with a tough bout of Lara Croft.

If not stopped from spreading quickly she will beat up your documents, rendering them with large boo-boos and emotionally fragile. To prevent her from spreading go onto microsoft paint and draw a gun. Throw it at her feet - her tootsies fragile from years of high-heel abuse will crack open like a snail shell that i've bitten into and a yellow diluted goop will come out. Also installing a new form of spyware called bearware you will give you an added edge - a large grizzly will patrol inside your computer - malling, eating and impregnating any threats to your computer. Unfortunately Bearware is of the homosexual orientation and is therefore suseptible to The AIDS Virus.

This whole ordeal is more likely to happen if you stare at pictures of Lara Croft's... well, you know what...