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There is no need.

There Is NOOOOOOOOOOO Need To Have a Name[edit | edit source]

There is no need for this incredibly mild sexual innuendo.

Why would you want a pineapple. All they do is prickle you... and it hurts. It hurt me a many time. But the pineapple said that was cause I had a name. So... you get rickledp if you have a pineapple... and a cow NAME I SAY!!!

Why Would You Even DREAM Of Going To Sears, There Is No Need[edit | edit source]

Sears is like a spyglass. Why would you use a spy glass when you could have binoculars. So why would you go to sears when you could go to Walmart?

There Is No Need For Paper Shredders[edit | edit source]

A paper shredder... WHAT? I never said anything about a shredder of the paper type. Don't contradict me.

There Is No Need For People Who Can't Tie Their Shoes[edit | edit source]

If you can't tie your shoes than you might as well be a terrorist. No one likes a friend who asks you to tie their shoes during gym class. I wouldn't accept it. You might as well go to that cave right now and make your friends out of rock right now!

There Is No Need For Shows Like Naruto[edit | edit source]

Wha... What is Naruto? Is he human? Cause he has whiskers... which is kinda creepy... Is he gonna kidnap me? Hide me in his weird orange jumpsuit? I don't wanna be kidnapped... I'm gonna go hide in a closet...

There Is Plenty Need For Closets[edit | edit source]

There is no need for this image.

Hiding from Naruto is a very, very important use of closets. But they also hold clothes, which you can hide behind in case he looks in the closet. Also, you can store stuff that you don't want Naruto your brother to find in them.

There Is No Need For The Color Lavender[edit | edit source]

I just have one question... what's wrong with purple? I mean, they are hardly different. And lavender is such a burden to say. "Oh look at that lavender flower". It just doesn't roll off the tongue like purple does.

There Is No Need For Knowlege Of The Cheese[edit | edit source]

Phrubub nose the cheese. He nose it so that we don't have to. I read it somewhere in a monkey fish banana tree, so there.

There Is No Need For This Article[edit | edit source]

Ya, I admit it, this article is kinda pointless. Sure these things are important (especially the Naruto part), but you probably already know all this stuff. I mean if you didn't, you might as well be someone who doesn't know how to tie their shoes! This stuff is the basics.

There Is No Need For These Categories[edit | edit source]