To The Future!

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This is the vehicle I shall be using to travel today.

“The key to traveling to the future is patience. Please wait. There will be some slight delay but we will get there eventually.”

~ A reputable source

Hello and welcome to my quest to travel to The Future. Today will be the day I escape the monotonous life of an everyday citizen and travel through time. How exciting, eh? I've been building my time machine (right) for three years out of old stuff in my garage, and I have to say things are looking great for the off. Wind direction is north east and weather is mildly humid. After I have finished this game of PES I will be in that machine, literally defying the laws of physics and making the headlines. Maybe I will encounter some new, futuristic tribe of superhumans? Or, maybe I meet some aliens, or dinosaurs, or.... oh yes, GOOOAL! Messi you are a legend.

Time Travelling[edit | edit source]

OK, the date and time is 20:29, 6 Arche 2008 (UTC). The moment of truth. In seconds I will be hurtling through the very fabric of time and space to the future! I can't wait! Just think, me, a simple person who never once completed a maths puzzle shall soon be breaking the boundaries of human knowledge.

Turning the time machine on now...

To The Future!

Ahem[edit | edit source]

To the futurrrre!

Come on...

Steve, your tea's ready![edit | edit source]

Oh boy!

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