Tofu Cowbell

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by penguins and Anatolians

Oh, unrequited Tofu Cowbell, how I long to proudly bear this crest of Kaizumery about my neck, to show off to the other cattle that I can resist eating the delicious-looking, yet I know in my mind that it is bland and tasteless, Tofu Cowbell... Oh, Tofu Cowbell!

A blasphemous concoction know locally as a chicken daiquiri was made, with 96 different kinds of rum and a jigger of chicken. Priests and intoxicated dwarves would then gather around the blender, each bringing their own files that contain no references to Muslims, Mohammed or pork.

An insider as yet unnamed was quoted as saying, "GruntingLoosely, maybe tofu cowbell could be about a cow wearing a cowbell made of tofu, and how much he really wants to eat it". Propelled by the sheer force of will attainable only to adept crazy people, thusly was this article written.

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