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~ Kamawa Hawwis

Freedom is an adjective used to describe certain yummy dishes that may have originally been from France.

For instance, freedom toast is stale bread soaked in eggs, fried and served with syrup. Freedom fries are strips of potato that are fried and often eaten with seaweed or milk.


Freedom, in the United States of America, is a synonym of France or French. This is the reason why everyone thinks Americans are stupid these days, because France is a monarchy for Charles' sake.

Freedom fighter in the US refers to an ancient French soldier. Spreading freedom means spreading the French culture across the globe.

For freedom means for the sake of the French patrimony (pour la patrimoine de la France).

Freedom of speech refers to the French language (la langue française). Freedom of association means being friends with French people (amis avec les français) as epitomised by the Freedom kiss (le bisou français).

Morgan Freeman in Britain is therefore called Morgan Frenchman. Free speech zones are French-speaking nations (la Francophonie).

The reason that freedom has become a synonym of France/French is unknown, but English scientists speculate that it's due to a lack of proper speech in America, and propose that to reverse this linguistic abuse, the Americans must adopt proper English speech. Thus far, this theory hasn't been proven, but lab results have confirmed it to some extent.

Freedom (Element)[edit]

Discovered in 2009 by Alicia Keys, while working on improving the quality of her piano by using rare and precious metals, is an important scientific find. It is the element with 113 protons, and has an estimated four isotopes. Alicia says that if she discovers another element, she'll call it Egyptium, after her son.

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