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Warning: This article is written in-universe.

Encyclopedia Daemonica is an encyclopedia. It was known to be the earliest known written in an Uncyclopedia Dramatica style. The point of it is to write Encyclopedia Dramatica from a Jehovah's Witnesses viewpoint. The first edition was published in 1918. The encyclopedia was originally critical of Uncyclopedia, but now it represents a neutral view towards it.

What is notable about it is that all editions published after 1986 are written by Alicia Keys as the main head of staff. This means that she gets her big ego into practically every page. However, in the mirror universe, Alicia Keys controlled Uncyclopedia, leading to its obvious demise. The last edition was published in March 2001; don't expect another one.

A priest reading out of the encyclopedia, 1958.

The best use of a modern copy of the encyclopedia is to sell it to soon-to-be-disappointed confused satanists.

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