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A grapheme for the lulz.
Did you mean: Encyclopedia Dramatica/approved or Encyclopedia Britannica?

Encyclopædia Dramatica (also known as Ed, of Ed, Edd & Eddy fame) was an encyclopedia of all things theatrical including extensive entries on television dramas such as EastEnders and Neighbours.

Encyclopædia Dramatica is not to be confused with ED. Though people often associate Encyclopædia Dramatica with ED, ED in fact stands for "Erectile Dysfunction." It is believed many users of ED (Encyclopædia Dramatica) could suffer from ED [citration needed]

which now I think about it, would explain a whooooole lot.


Encyclopædia Dramatica has had numerous fingers and the occasional pizza slice pointed at it for its controversial content, of which has been seen to include images of play fighting, name calling and copying other wikis' homework. Dramatica has already been sanctioned numerous times by the Grand High Government of Intarwebz, the most harsh of these is the lunchtime detention he received off Mrs Uncyclopedia for putting a dead mouse in Sally Wookiepedia's hair. Headmaster Wikipedia has not commented on the situation.

AtomicJoe, the world's biggest EDiot.

ED is infamous for its inappropriate and demeaning use of the formerly great word: "Lulz"

Irrelevant yet relatively subtle anti-ED rant, copied from Wikipedia

The humor of b's many users, who refer to themselves as "/b/tards," is frequently characterized by "intricate inside-jokes" and "black comedy". As a result, newcomers and outsiders often find posts "incomprehensible". In addition, /b/ is known to officially have a No rules policy, save for a "ban" on certain illegal "content", such as child pornography and invasions of other websites, both of which are "restricted" by site-wide "rules" that also "apply" to /b/.

What’s up with that æ thing?

It’s a typo, don’t worry about it...

ED is dead

“ED got far, far off course and ended up being ruined as a result.”

On April 9, 2011, ED was taken down “for maintenance.” On April 14, 2011, ED was officially shut down and replaced with a bland, sanitized clone!
This was met with global celebration, with governments of all nations declaring a month-long public holdiday to commemorate the death of the planet's greatest evil.


Save yourself from browsing OhInternet, this will summarize it just finely. To start off, the layout entirely resembles the page of a parked domain. What makes one realize that it’s an actual website is that the page is plastered with boring memes from two years ago that appeal to twelve year olds. The templates users must utilize when making an article are worse than those of freewebs, each article must start off with a one line sentence and a giant image. Despite Sherrod stating that OhInternet is aimed to catalog anything internet related, the only articles that users are allowed to write about are meme-centric.


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