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For a brief overview of each party and the workings of the Houses of Illogiment, see here.

This page describes the political parties that are found in the Illogiment (Illogicopedia Government). There are seven parties in the House of Igolli, "The Strangled Cat Party", "The Illogicrats", "Apathy In Action", "Ducks for Ducks", "The Communist Calamity", "The Mad Moron Confederation", and "The Contrarian Party".
The recently founded Opposition of Off Tropic currently consist of three parties, "The Ism Party", "Ami Army" and the "Non Existent Party".

To join a party, just edit its member list(s) and add yourself; you are free to change your membership should you later decide to. Defections may not be popular amongst your former fellow members, however.

The Strangled Cat Party (forum)[edit]

Obey and vote for us. You'll like it; honest. (especially the obeying part)”

~ Shady Figure on on the Strangled Cat Party


Be a good kitty and vote for us – unlike this one.

The Alpha Werewolf is:

The Pack members (edit) are:

A Quick Overview of The Strangled Cat Party's Manifesto[edit]

The Strangled Cat Party sees world domination as a mere stone-throw away. While they publicly claim to be a clean party without any sort of links to the mafia, everyone knows they do. (lies! we can do better than the mafia; they're a bunch of cheesey girl pants!)

Trust us; a vote for us is in your best interest.

—Motto of The Strangled Cat Party

The Illogicrats (forum)[edit]

Cornet with flake?

“Vote for insanity. You know it makes sense.”

~ Screaming Lord Sutch on on the Illogicrats

Members (edit)[edit]

The Alpha Werewolf is:

The Pack members are:

The Overview of The Illogicrat Manifesto[edit]

The ?pedia version of the Monster Raving Looney party, the Illogicrats care about no-one and nobody cares about them. Except fnurdles. The party aims to be whatever the hell it wants to be in return for free ice cream and, if you ask nicely, cold chips. Occasionally matters shall arise which Illogia, the mighty penguin overseer of the party, shall resolve with such powers that only a giant flightless bird can wield.

Remember, vote ?crat for free ice cream today and jump on the bandwigon. It's hair razing.

Apathy In Action (forum)[edit]


The Alpha Werewolf is:

The Pack members are:

The Overview of The Apathy In Action Manifesto[edit]

Um lol lol lol vote 4 us LOL !!!!
If you can honestly say, IDGAS, then you belong here.

Ducks For Ducks(Quacking)[edit]

Atticus Quatticus, Our mascot!


Overview of our winged friends[edit]

We are in water air and land and will take over fairly have people join us on their own free will. After we take over the land of illogicopedia... we will take over the seas. then the air... and eventually we will go to mars! will you join us on our quest?

Коммунистическая катастрофа (форум)[edit]

“Товарищи! Перестать быть порабощенным этих капиталистических собак-монстров из космоса!”

~ on Анотхерпонго в то время как говорить о его партии.


Премьер может быть любой, но наиболее вероятно, один из этих ребят:

Членами являются:

Обзор коммунистической катастрофы[edit]

Коммунизм и вещество подобные к тому!

The Mad Moron Confederation (Forum)[edit]

“Support the cause for nonsense--Raggle Fraggle King!!!”

~ {{{2}}}

Current Members[edit]

Overview of the MMC[edit]

We are the Mad Moron Confederation. Each member gets a free couch cushion when they join. We are dedicated to spreading the cause for Insanity. We have an annual pie throwing contest every four months, though Tony Blair ALWAYS wins. We want domination over the mutant chickens and Ducks! We will harness their nuclear power and take over the UNIVERSE!!! If you want 2 visit us, we live in That council house, in the peak district.Our animal is the funky chunky monky. Visit our page now BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!

So, fnurdle to all and good night!

The Contrarian Party (Talk)[edit]


The Contrarian Party stands for what few people stand for. But if enough people become Contrarians, we will be stuffed by paradox. We support George W. Bush, the theory of evolution, and civil liberties. We oppose war and the theory of anthropogenic global warming. We hate R'n'B and love avant-garde jazz. We're considering not liking Obama.


ILLOGISOC (Opinions for the people!)[edit]


ILLOGISOC, or the Illogicopedian Social Conservatists (offical name: The Dickhead Party) are a group of liberal conservatives that likes G.W. Bush, supports evolution and supports war. They are a mixture of the Democrats and the Republicans, to what many people found it wrong.



The Most Holiest Wise Party of Moral Learnage and Acceptance Throughout The Universe And Cosmos[edit]


The most Holiest wise party Will take Illogicopedia. It Is Our Destiny, for the Grand Great Embassies from Illogical ages Past have yielded to our coming and going. The Universe will sit within our clammy, nerdy Hands of Fate. You Must Succumb to the One Grand Truth of Our Great Holy Wisdom, For All Other things are Wrong and Should Be Assimilated. Complete Cohesiveness for the Universes.

The Opposition of Off Tropic (also known as the ?politic Opposition)[edit]


An organization of political parties consisting of the following;

The Ism Party[edit]


We are an ism party, that means that we will fight for isms in all their appearances. Our manifesto is currently under operations that will not subside the continental services. Anyone can join, our web portal is here. XY007 T C 10:00, 5 Arply 2015 (UTC)


XY007 (Secretary)
Iamawesome (President)