Teh SPianknkenekler!

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Hello, fellow Illogicopedians! I am [[T h e S p i n k a n k l e r]].

Right now, I am new to Illogicopedia.

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Non-sensible thingys[edit]

Spakrak! Eeblion honk! Whorp Pum axam spoaxakick um je sonsifiritupp. random bestiality of cadavers and crania spawned by telephones modifying skulls

. Meanwhile, the transparent rocket gnarls slimy lubricants. It cost too much, staying human. By the way, Oh my Jesus, that killer whale is a(n) person!


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Things I noticed just now[edit]

The visual editor went to ?pedia. Now things will be easier for those who are noobs or don't know how to even code in MediaWiki. Nice.
And it's gone. Oh god-

Articles I made[edit]