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  This section is semi-logical; it is meant to be. Prepare to be semi-bored.  
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Illogicope-tan, a personification of Illogicopedia.

“This whole mascot idea is arse.”

Illogicope-tan (イーロジコペたん) was Illogicopedia’s failed attempt at a mascot.

History[edit | edit source]

Due to the encouragement of absolutely no one, Joe9320 appointed himself the job of designing a mascot for Illogicopedia. After weeks of brainstorming, he finally came up with a totally original character that was in no way a blatant rip-off of Wikipedia's mascot Wikipe-tan.

He named her Illogicope-tan, uploaded her to the site, and then braced himself for the barrage of high fives and thumbs up signs that his creation would surely incite.

Note that the official history says otherwise; that she was found as a baby at the 'left luggage' counter of Shinjuku Station. She was discovered by an old man (Uncle Pete) collecting his baggage, but Uncle Pete proclaimed her to be a shallow rip-off of their own mascot and so was left on the street till discovered by a horde of Illogicopedians. Now Hindleyite announced that she would be the new mascot of the site, and only then did the barrage of high fives and thumbs up signs come.

Reception[edit | edit source]

“Way to go steal the Wikipe-tan and just turn it yellow. ”

The reaction from the Illogicopedian community was less than stellar. Most criticized the character as being too closely linked to Wikiped-tan, arguing that the illogic and random nature of the site was not being properly represented. Others objected to the character’s anime inspired appearance.

A challenger appears[edit | edit source]

“I prefer Illogime. It looks funny!”

In response to Illogicope-tan, Silent Penguin created Illogime, a creature that can best be described as a one-eyed banana wrapped in a pinkish frock. While hailed as a better representation of Illogicopedia, it was still met with fairly lukewarm reactions.

A compromise[edit | edit source]

In order to try and please both parties, a compromise was made in the form of a bizarre, nightmarish mishmash between Illogicope-tan and Illogime. It was mostly ignored.

Outcome[edit | edit source]

Since a decision could not be made, Illogicopedia is still without a mascot, with many Illogicopedians arguing that the site never needed one in the first place.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

An attack on Illogicope-tan, written by someone anonymous[edit | edit source]

Wiki-tans are no longer funny. That's all 2009 rubbish. It's 20152016202020212023 now! We need a new mascot! How about an enormous fanged ham?

An idea on the ?pedia mascot, written by someone else anonymous[edit | edit source]

Why not a banana with a face on it and a shirt with a ? on it?

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