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MediaWiki is a language system which controls a site. In case the site has been created by some incompetent webmaster, the chances of MediaWiki is a mess that teh the shit is huge.

MediaWiki is a software that is also responsible for maintaining sites like the one you're currently (and was that should do the homework, that is) working. Without this software, you could never prove or copy paste into a working whole of Wikipedia.

The MediaWiki was created by who?[edit | edit source]

The legend says that was the creator of Wikipedia, Jimbo Wales, but the truth is another history of S*** THAT NOBODY CARES!!! MediaWiki has been invented by programmers in Tikiki Island, in Hawaii. Originally the program was used to measure the intensity of waves with greater speed and predict tsunamis (Wiki = Fast Media = Measure).

Thanks to wiki technology, the small island was safe from the tragedies until Jimbo Wales has offered the sum of forty million coconuts by the program code and modified to create the Wikipedia and the software available free on its website. With changes to the MediaWiki could no longer predict tsunamis and Tikiki island was swallowed by the great tsunami of December 31, 2008.

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