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Your attention please, while this announcement is going through place, you have been inducted into a secret society.

This secret society is called Illogicopedia. It is home to humans, minks and a variety of other races.

  • We don't like vandals, nor sandals. We do however like refugees from Uncyclopedia. Talk about it somewhere.
    ATT 20105.jpg
  • Help is over here: -> here.
  • Enjoy the site, that's the thing. But look at our policy first.
  • Cheese it now.
  • Any featured work will be rewarded with a gold star, which is cool indeed.
  • You could even get a cool IOTM award!
  • In the end that's it. Enjoy it! Illogicopedia is here. Also, save your breath for reading The Longest Article.

Accusatory tonal register? The Supreme Leader XY --- sacrifices and capitalism 06:27, 5 Jeremy 2019 (UTC)