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No, seriously though with all due respect to God, what has He done? Well I, professor Bat Guano (if that is my real name), will point out to you what He has done. Possibly for you simple-minded single celled life forms I'll hand out a sleep-reduced pamphlet. Eeehhhhh....PAH.

He created you[edit]

Without you, you wouldn't be you. You could be someone else or if you cease to be matter in this universe you could be the quantum biophysical relationship between a spec of dust and the complete contents of Paris Hilton's handbag. Ehhhhhh...PAH.

He created crocodiles[edit]

Crocodiles comprise the scalene rich factor in a glass of breakfast juice with a nanosecond of impurity in a duck and once more the entire contents of Paris Hilton's handbag. Ehhhhhhh....PAH.

He created moths[edit]

Moths are made up of brown solidarity with the fusion of dark matter and the haunting ugliness of a man with a cream pie on his face, coupled with the waste produced by an average American who had been digested by a small mayfly. If the gravitational forces split the atoms between these two human concepts I would exist only as a busker on the London underground. Ehhheeegghhhhhh.......PAH.


Bless you