Why Illogicopedia smells like butt

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Illogicopedia is the smelliest smelliest stinkiest wiki ever!!!

But why?????

  • Illogicopedia is pronounced Ew-log-i-co-peed-ya. Ew.
  • Someone pooped in their pants and then took off his underwear and smeared the underwear around Wikia. Mostly in illogicopedia so it literally smells like butt.
  • Horses4Ever boiled her very highly dirty sneakers.
  • I don't know who but someone turned on the A/C in the ?Pedia Horse Stable and Uncyclopedia left the windows open, and they are closest to the stable, and the smell passed throughout the Wikia house.
  • Someone is baking the banana on the top left corner of this page...but did I mention that banana was 10,996 eras old. The person who baked it left the oven open but some administrator found out who did it and blocked the person from the Wikia house for destroying the logo of the wiki better than Unyclopedia, which is bad, so Illogicopedia gone logo-less. Actually its just an I with AID EPOC IGOLLI In illogic we trust. No banana. I'm gonna sock that person who did that. lol.
  • The divine fluffalizer's fluff has gone bad, but Heather still has the A/C on full blast.
  • Heather just bought year-old cottage cheez and then put on gloves and threw it around Wikia with the A/C on full blast. Stinky.
  • Greg cooks a mixture of dog houses, dog houses, dog houses, dog houses, dog houses, dog houses, dog houses and dog houses and leaves it on the Illogicopedia Counter, with the A/C on so the smell goes throughout Wikia.
  • The Killer Fruit Cake always swears at new users.
  • Testostereich always leaves the milk out.
  • MrMetalFlower always leaves the toilet seat up.
  • Mr. Briggs Inc. ...
  • Half the articles are about flinging crap against the wall.
  • Half of the articles aren't, but are covered with flung crap.
  • The maid doesn't come until 10,996 millenniums. Oh shoot.

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