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Out of the fearful emptiness, and dare I say, madness, of the Illogicopedia editor, there can be the perception of a rivalry between the Illogicopedia logo on the left, and that damned "Wikia Spotlight" on the right. The logo has the menu for an army, in blue armour with black offset; and the spotlight has the ads, in black armour with the blue link trim. (At least that was the case at the time of this writing.)

Maybe they fight over the no-man's expanses that are the content of this website. Trashing the black letters, and white field, they vie to get to one another. That "I" has a blade in its pocket that gleams suspiciously. Al Gore will take care of it. Through him, I know the truth about warmed all over the place - Including the derrick of the Wikia spotlight.

Not long after the white battlefields of the site are plunged asunder, the "I" will pluck the knife from its pocket and slash at our least plugged in keyboards. QWERTY will pay for his insolence, and the mice will clap.

For now, the icons are still.


End of the article? No.

Just the beginning.

(The end)

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