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“@POTUS did you know that X-rays cause cancer??? #cancelxrays #stopxrays”

~ A Twitter user

“hahaaaa girlll did you know I am cancer in the zodiac 😜😜😜 #socool”

~ Another Twitter user

“omgggggg same bestie 😱😱 wow hahahah”

~ That Twitter user from the beginning

X-ray is a thing that makes sense. It scans your body and you can see your bones now. If you have any, like me. The only bad thing there is that it emits radiation, and also it can burn eyes.

Various weird things can be found inside of a person that was scanned with X-rays. Like chess figures, dices, golf balls, rings, lipstick, marbles, TV remotes, synthesizers, pilates balls, hammers[1], walls, airplanes, buildings, antimatter and so on.

They have also used X-rays to determine that I have scoliosis[2].

X-rays are also used in airports to see what is inside of people's luggage. Famous riddim dubstep musician, composer, producer and sound designer Dead Mow Five once entered that X-ray and scanned himself.

References[edit | edit source]

  2. This article was made by Scoliosis Gang