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Spammmers are immediately canned. No exceptions.

Twitter is the social networking site anyone can contribute to, except spammers, who are immediately ejected from not only the site but existence. Hey, they have capability, you know. Twitter is a rather anal microblogging service in much the same way as Arsebook, only there are less backsides and unsightly buttcracks involved.

Twitter was succeeded by Titter -- a very similar microblogging website only with the ability to post one-word updates -- after the Great Blogging Revolution. During this period, bloggers realised that nobody cared about their rants and raves, so resolved to find a new way of attracting web browsers with extremely short attention spans.

Twitterers post 'twits' that somewhat resemble 'tits' -- the bird, not the body part -- posted by tits -- the body part, not the bird -- themselves. These are not to be confused with Twatts, the residents of a certain village in Scotland. Rather confusing indeed, but whoever said the Internet had to be simple?

It says a lot that Twitter has the word 'twit' in it.

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