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“We need to attack 150,000 families each and every year. Only then will we have the vested powers to destroy antimatter once and for all! Change is good!”

~ Lord Obama

Antimatter is quite possibly one of the most paradoxical concepts ever to grace our glorious ball of dirt. While everything that takes up space is made of matter (your mom is made of a lot of matter... oh well, that really doesn't matter does it?), A few things have been found to be made of a theoretical substance called "antimatter". Thus, antimatter must give off space instead of taking it up, else antimatter would be made of matter. Some physicists say nothing is made of antimatter, but let's remember, nothing is something, too.

Dairy Case[edit]

As an example, let us consider the humble cheese. Though often containing holes of varying spatial and interstitial parameters, this comestible is theorized by talking dogs to be largely composed of nutritious matter. On my other hand, dear reader, cheesy clones have been produced (under striktly non-pornographic laboratory conditions) that haff nun of zee nutrition, yet ALL of ze life-giving, oxygen-infused cavities vich haff been detektit in zee orichinal item. In a void: ANTICHEESE! Jes? Joo be following mein horrrrrrenjus accent und impekkably cheesy kredenchals?

And Don't Forget:[edit]

Antimatter is highly evil.