Ye olde shit pot

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Ye olde shit pot was the most popular pot of medieval England. It mainly consisted of human waste and old condoms.

Stardom: a star is born[edit | edit source]

Ye olde shit pot or YOSP is always stealing the limelight. I like that light because it tastes of lime and YOSP stole it from me. Well I'll gets back whats rightfullys mine. That freaking cheeseball checker.

YOSP started out life in an olde towney called Phrubub and he obviously knew Phrubub the cheese man. Fnurdle purdle dee doop. Then in the year 1767 he took a course in blubberdub, thus teaching him the skills of SNORK.

Then he became a recluse in a wardrobe named Narnia.

YOSP controversey[edit | edit source]

WHOA, its controversy! Freaking well get in the shelter!

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