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Phrubub, knowing the cheese.

“A wise man does not eat with his spoon, only stare into it and wonder at the marvels of creation. Sigh. When's tea ready?”

Phrubub knows the cheese. He also nose him, but does not know the way to Amarillo.

Who is Phrubub?[edit]

He can be likened to the mighty Illogia, indeed many purport the two to be one and the same person for they have never been seen in the same room together.

He is also placed on a par with George Hamburg as a literary genius. Many claim he is the real Phrubub.

These guesses are, in actual fact, flawed. Phrubub is Batman, and has saved over nine thousand people. Fact.

Oh yeah?[edit]

Yeah. And what's more, he is also Shrubub, Grub and Blublub all rolled into one. Now that's impressive. He cannot, however, play the violin with his tongue.