Yes we can!

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“Can we build it!?”

~ Bob the Builder on Yes we can!

“Yes we can!”

~ You on about Obama's quote.

“Hey, you stole my quote!”

~ Obama on about his quote

“Sorry, there are no copyrights here.”

~ You, speaking to Obama

“Fuck you all!”

~ Obama on about Illogicopedia

Yes we can:

  • edit Illogicopedia!
  • attack WikiDickypedia!
  • masturbate!
  • have Christmas every day!
  • have food fight in the supermarket!
  • have a good day (Ice Cube reference)
  • ...

Yes we can! in history[edit | edit source]

"Yes we can!" has brought people to change. Even worse better! In America, NASA changed - on demand of Obama - the sky from blue into a green one. Other politicians are a little bit confused about the requests from Obama, but people doesn't seem to worry, why should they anyway?

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