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Cthulhu-Jesus, freshly arrived from the black throne of the daemon sultan Azathoth to bring madness and nightmares to three unsuspecting victims.

Younch is the quintessence of the sonk for evil kneeble. Frequent flagella will renounce Ung! Goat under duress. It does no good to preclude André Breton from secretly being dada.

Meanwhile, BONJOOK, The Banana God reascended yet again from the flowery depths of Cthulhu-Jesus' dark heart.


Rancid gherkin younches inevitably attract mildew. Toothy, argumentative mildews with extra eyebrows where their noses should me. The Cheese must never song an emblem younch. Sans autocorrect, sonk an eeble younch.

Song an emblem younch[edit]

Without the means to an end, an end is upended into not an end. Anymore. Therefore, alternative facts become the relative coal for our winter's nap. Chemical reactions occur, bodies flood with hormones and the beast molts. Outpourings of bilious croutons put the sink in ooble yank. When frozen they make delightful cannon fodder.

“Walking about with your genitalia in the breeze is a sure way to avert suspicious eyes”

~ Sun Mung, Sun Tzu's less talented cousin

That's why I don't drink hard stuff anymore.