Zombie Bill Clinton

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Zombie Bill Clinton was the 42 and a half president of the United States and the spawn of all 7 levels in hell, even the bonus round. In 1939, Hitler initiated a secret cloning program where he took a sample of his DNA, threw it in the trash, and straight up just came in a cup. These several ounces of sperm would go on to produce some of the most powerful men in the world, like John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Eminem, our lord and savior Kim Jong Un, and Bill Clinton. After going KIA on a secret badass taco run, Bill was resurrected by the infamous necromancer Dick Cheney, who remains at large. Our now zombified Mr. President is currently poised to seize DC with an army of undead minions, despite there not being a single mature brain within 8 miles of the capital. So far, the intergalactic council/Obama administration has initiated several drastic health care measures, to stem the tide of Bill's ever-growing masses of soulless corpses. Either way, Hillary Clinton's going to win the White House.


  • illegalization of left shoes
  • Right shoe based pantheon
  • Pass the fuckin salt

Tea party friends[edit]

Zombie Clinton has been reported to hold a dainty Sunday tea party with the following individuals: