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Add the copper sulfate to the water until your ears turn blue. Then bite your head off with green tweezers. This is oh so very fun and enlightening. The moon is pink. Did you know my black is feet? How about yours? Pink is purple and orange is yellow-blue. I am very sad. You are happy. A nice day, but very cold outside and inside, especially inside your nose.

I'm going crazy. Whee, slide down the slide, the shiny multicoloured slide of madness. It's fun. Like really. Did you ever see my crab? It's blue. Blue I tell you! And the octopus? It has nine cats. Er, lives. Nine cat lives. What? I'm sorry.

Where is this? Nowhere.

Wikipedia is not wikipedia. Wiki is editing war seven nineteen eighty-four. Seven. Eight? That's right, quite right. Seven nights ago the sky turned black as night from day. In the day, the pink was cats. Mice. Eleventeen. You suck. You are stupid. I am far stupider, which is better. Suck sand? Sand suck. Suck on wikipedia a while. They will block you and you deserve it. It always tells you. It told me. Red letters. Where? When you try to edit. There is nothing.

The ip address is shared and we are all blocked. Foo? Bar. Bar and baz. Tuesday at seven the clock struck twelve. I heard it. I heard it in Welsh, mind you, which is quite different. You will never know. Oh the things you will never know in this world...

Seventeen? It seems to carry some importance. What I do not know. Nobody cares. You stupidify the stupid until it is retarded to death. It died. You killed it. Who are you? I do not know you.

At dinner, somewhere, somewhen, deep in the rat streets. The rats died, being replaced by the cats. Lab procedure. No. I refuse. I refuse! You can't force me to do it!

This is bloody annoying. Ych y fi, it's annoying. I hate it. I don't want to. But I'm not doing it, am I?

Oh dear.

Firefox is blocked.

What on earth is all that stuff? It makes no sense. Why did I write it?

Add the copper(II) sulfate to the water, and pull a rabbit out of a hat.

Add 0.100 mol of copper(II) sulfate to the water until it turns pink. No, hold on a sec. Add 0.100 mol of copper(II) sulfate to however many water you have. However much water. This sucks sand. Kind of like you. Why don't you go block yourself? Oh right, you can't. I'll do it for you.




Rats, mice and flying saucers!

Process is important. If you don't recognise this basic fact we vaporise you. You become an unperson. Nobody does that any more you silly.

You are currently unable to edit Wikipedia. Editing from whatever that ip address was has been blocked (disabled) by Elockid for the following reason: Vandalism

Appealing blocks yadda yadda.





Lightbulbs? Cake? UFOs? Aliens? Wow yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Admins taste like old socks. They want to eat me. Yuck.

You've all got socks! Go report yourself to the noticeboard thingy wingy!



Lab procedure. I hate lab procedure. Molarity block appeals edit disruption solution bla blah.

Stop editing the page. now. yesterday. tomorrow. or else you are going to be very sorry. Sucks doesn't it? I can do cool stuff and you can't. Nanny nanny boo boo.


I hate appealing blocks too. Mostly because I got declined the only time I did it but they don't even have any stinking procedure there and they can suck pink sand anyway. Or purple sand. It doesn't really matter.

Procedure! Instantly! Instanter!


Oh my it's late.




Ok, so we need some amount of water. It's 100 ml minus 0.1 mol. so we convert ml into mol I guess. But how?


A ml is a gram. So we have 100 g of water. Water is 18.02 g/mol, so we have 100g/18.02g/mol. and we need a calculator and I'm too lazy to get one. ych.


Now then.



And that's in moles. yeah.

So we have 55.49 mol of water, and we add 0.100 moles of CuSO4 to it, so we get 55.59 mol of solution. Now what? And is that supposed to make the necessary thingy thing? I'm really really tired and fuzzed out.

Fuzz fizz fuzz.

Fuzzy fizz.

Fizzy fuzz?