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■, created by , is the source of asdf, and occurs only when all the 4 main elements (water, fire, earth, and fun) combine in a process that has not yet been discovered, but that some believe involves lost car keys as a catalyst. But since asdfologists really are good and know what they do, it is widely known that ■ is the soruce of all energy, including that which feeds interstelar creatures, like the Xel' Naga and the Boltano bull (not to be confused with interstellar creatures). Some people believe that in the year 1337 AC the power of the ■ will be so great, that even Superman will be nothing compared to it.

In the same year XD was recorded, Chick Corea, the most famous asdfologist, wrote a book called Just ■, it really got nothing to do with ■, but in the back of the book you can read a little PD using the sun glasses of mantorok. It says, "ever ■ u have under the skin... its completely naked, and burned, by the sun of chimi chimi, and there's nothing u can do about it..."