2015 UK election

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Ed Miliband here, with my mates David Cameron (DC: Oh, piss off! I've got the mojority vote! Right? RIGHT!?) and Nick Clegg (NC: Noxt yor...)!

Oi! What about me?

Yes, and you, Nicola Sturgeon.

Oh, i see. You're a sexist now, aren't you?

Or maybe not.

The Great and Powerful Trixie is getting bored with all this election talk going on and much more important issues should be discussed. Like the newest statue of Trixie who looks so stunning and Twilight Sparkle made to be my slave and the Golden Oaks Library to belong to ME. Also I need to find out where my biggest fan is and what is he called.....? Oh yes it's Sethisto! You will join Twilight Sparkle in being my slave and eating pine cones, but you will be happy to wouldn't you? BE MY SLAVE! DEVOUR THESE PINE CONES RIGHT NOW!

Goodness sake, that was quick. And mad! Good Ed, return to your pine tree. It's over and you failed it, tree eater!

Shut up, Cameron! At least I'm the reason behind 9/11! Those signs should say "Miliband did 9/11!" That American idiot for a president can bugger off!

Yeah, he did.


The 2015 British General Erection
An Illogicopedian guide to one of the biggest general elections since the last one.
Ed "One Nation" Millipede (Lwabwaur Pwarty) David "Suave" Camel-tron (Concerninglyposh Party)
Nock Clogg (Liberal Failurecrats) Nigel "The Barage" Farage (United Kingdom Independence Party)Nicola "Nick" Sturgeon (Scottish National Party)Thomas Standing-Shinjelly of the Coastal Routes Anti-Colonoscopy Party
Result:A majority for the Nasty Party...
For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on 2015 UK election.