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APS is the main software corporation of Hitleria. This company developed the App Manager.


It is list of the main programmers of APS:

  • The Classical Nerd. Catchphrase "It is a shame we can not program girls...".
  • The Paraniod Hacker. Catchphrase "Everyone is chasing me... Even you!".
  • The Doomed Standard Programmer. Catchphrase "I know there is a bug... It is just unavoidable".
  • The Blonde Girl. Catchphrase "I am here only to cheer up you guys... but I will never date losers like you all".
  • The Chief. Catchphrase "Developers! Developers! Developers!".
  • The Hideous Guy. No-one knows his catchphrase, or if he even has one. Bore. :0
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AdawareAPSBearwareKVR AudioMalwareMediaWikivBulletinVoice recognition software

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