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who is voice recognition software is located so I might use on a g e d a it makes life easier especially cause she needs to go wrong and this is probably a bit of problem yes it has also the van condition recognised and I'll listen to the pantry! Exclamation and punctuation so I'm walking home I live in london this that's not a good thing to have a good film I am a sexy set of my headphones.

using voice recognition software to be good be helpful bart is not really because of goes on stand for amazon I said before help me with this thing is it's quite quick to use voice recognition software yes penis size anna is that for ages so 4.5 inch chris brown to 1003 in the morning lever that song 1015 saturday night live in london

click click click on the street items found my c update for android 4.3 on my nexus pregnancy thing use google voice translation with voice recognition software I think it's quite accurate the of the iron curtain speech comes in mind if my speak so much is a nap click on sandwich update for android 4.3 my nexus pregnancy thing you please translate this voice recognition actor of the iron curtain speech come to mine is my so much in mexican sandwich

speak now its place love and hugs things mexico such a nice place capital letter open 2012 place capital letters witches names very bad grammar definition of 4 at last I connect my computer later national health report new clock I can see it pictures here and listen to be a new partner clock which means an animal so the international 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 inches of these monkey balls listen to let in particles new and full stops little son navigate to speech so important synthesizer micro call excel search for the city you and luke is a virtual analogue synthesizer uti digital signal processing to work so you're going out now

10 10 in the morning and I'm sitting on my desk well better today and I show edit wikipedia because that's what I do my name is into dancing yet articles mostly about a massive attack

my stickers why I should be upstairs[edit]

shell right now I'm still in my dressing gown I need the we will be leaving sometime because I'm going swimming at a waterpark in poole this voice recognition software such an assal message I sing in action now the missing in action now shall I now send my dressing down I need a we will be leaving sometime I'm going to water park import this voice recognition software sachin asl message icing in action now no cell I send my dressing down I need a wii we will be leaving sometime we won't be leaving sometime I still receive android football for your exam so impatient kdkdkdkdkdkdkdkd I just want to relax to size remove a notice on the box for tomlinson scotty john changed a little page morning vandalism this is a listen to bad hated it

Ya' get the point?[edit]

Voice recognition software is near to useless.

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