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Moose eating walnuts.gif

Animoose is a covert meme developed by Disney and Blackwater Security Services as a false flag operation against Armenian bullshit artists. It is a moose, in a room, eating walnuts. Animoose just looks at you and chews. Dib is sent to the room by a fearsome alien invader.

Apathy killed the acolytes. They simply stopped caring about going to the room with a moose. They'd rather scamper up rocks all day and sprinkle their feet with cayenne pepper. There would be no spooky action at a distance at dinner tonight. Fikki was a swordsman, that was true. Other than the Possum incident, though, he remained loyal to lacrosse, and disdained footballs, both real and fake.

The gantry tech had a big cyst on his right nipple, and it was pissing him off. Actually, the doctor who was dicking around instead of pushing for a prognosis was pissing him off. The burden rested on an astrologer, apparently.

Nothing was happening down at the docks, other than fanged deli meats preparing tacos. Ludicrously, a maelstrom emerged from the utility sink and saturated froggy newtons ominously. Gantries, indeed!

So, this chicken-looking guy, a rabbi and a Unitarian come out of the deli, walk up to a postman and throw hamburgers at his knees.

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