Bohemian Rhapsody

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Played to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

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<Flameviper>          bohemian rhapsodomy
<Flameviper>          SHOOP DA WOOP
<SilentPenguin>       muma me'ya muma me'ya
<Flameviper>          WE WILL NOT LET HIM GO!
<SilentPenguin>       is this the real life,
<SilentPenguin>       is this just fantisy
<SilentPenguin>       muma just kiiled a man
<SilentPenguin>       put a gun against his head
<SilentPenguin>       pulled the trigger now he's dead
<Flameviper>          Send the bolts of lightning, very very frightening!
<Flameviper>          I see a little silhouetty on the wind-
<SilentPenguin>       i dont want to die
<SilentPenguin>       sometimes wish id never een born at all
<Flameviper>          SHALLA BOOSH SHALLA BOOSH will yuo do the fandanki
<Flameviper>          Galileo, Galileo, Galileo figaro
<SilentPenguin>       I see a little silhouetty on the wind-
<Flameviper>          Magnifico-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-o
<SilentPenguin>       shalla boosh salla boosh will you do the fandango
<Flameviper>          DOO duh duh duh doo duh duh duh
<SilentPenguin>       let him go
<Flameviper>          we will not let him go
<SilentPenguin>       we will not let you go
<Flameviper>          let him go
<SilentPenguin>       for me
<SilentPenguin>       for me
<Flameviper>          for me!
<SilentPenguin>       {{guitar solo}}
<Flameviper>          Daw, doo duh da du doo duh!
<SilentPenguin>       so you think you can love me and leave me behind
<Flameviper>          So you thought you could lock me and leave me to die!
<SilentPenguin>       {{guitar solo}}
<Flameviper>          :D
<SilentPenguin>       ohoohoohoh
<Flameviper>          I'm putting this on Illogicopedia
<SilentPenguin>       oh yeah
<SilentPenguin>       nothing really matters