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Cardiff is the difference between revisions of a car. It is generally found in a wiki called Wales that is edited by sheep. Though not entirely by sheep, one must admit; there are some people floating around there, just not as numerous as the sheep, and in fact the two species are slowly mixing into some strange combination that one might call 'sheeple'.

But let us return to the topic. Wandering away from the topic is never a good thing, and can get one stuck in fields with sheep in them, possibly even all the way to Cardiff, if one does not live there already. And do you really want to be stuck in a field full of sheep, and by consequence the associated shepherds and the resulting sheeple? I should think not. One never knows what they might be up to, thanks to that mix of y's, w's and l's that they speak in an apparent effort to conceal the fictitiousness of moon landings and other such things that are really fake but that they are trying to hide from us.

Tried to get rid of it once, they did. The language, I mean - if it can indeed be called a language; to me it just looks like a word puzzle put on the road signs to help people get lost. They did all sorts of things, from strawberries to fanged hams, but that Cymraeg thing just kept popping up again like a mushroom with a mole's head. It worked better in Cardiff, though. Even so, harking the lark in Cardiff Arms Park isn't the easiest thing in the world for them.

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