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Please do not taunt, throw things at or trip up the losers, I mean "partakers"...

A new year, an old dog, no new tricks:

  • Best Straight Article. The most accomplished rambling for which the prize is a pickle in a jar. Runners up get a pickled egg each. For Pickle 2.1 only, considering we've just had Easter, this may or may not include some chocolate amongst the ingredients.
  • Best Randumb Article. The article that is most random and makes least sense, for which the prize is an inflatable hammer. Runners up get a piece of audio wire each.

The pickle was judged by Silent Penguin, Hindleyite and MrMetalFLower.

Results[edit source]

That's right, the results are in! Bet ya never saw it coming!

The Heteros (aka. The Pickle)[edit source]

The Lion and The Witch in The Wardrobe by Testostereich

Runner up:
EpiQuest by HelloolleH

The Homos (aka. The Inflatable Hammer)[edit source]

What did you eat? by Ljlego

Runner up:
Leap Day by Cs1987 2.0

Honourable Mentions[edit source]

Benedict Blade's Fairy Washing Up Liquid, THE's Tremendous Appendix of Infinity and Thekillerfruitcake's HowTo:Write an Epic for the Illogic Pickle

Some other things[edit source]

All of your works and pseudo-works will be forced screaming into the mainspace, leaving a slight itch gnawing away at its sanity.

This was the most entered Pickle yet, with the high standard from the last competition maintained (for the most part). It was tough job but the judges decided on overall quality of an article, taking into account formatting, the general idea and how much it made them laugh. After that, they drew straws for the winner. Heh.

Keep your bananas peeled for the Illogic Pickle 2.2! It should be around Jumbly-Ergust. 'Til then, happy... whatever the hell it is you do! Probably something illegal, but we're not ratting out for the money, honest...

Who knows? Maybe Illogic Pickle 2.2 will have a real pickle on offer for the winner. And maybe Hindleyite will be bothered to put the bin out (i.e. trees might fly).

Entries[edit source]

In order of date entered. Author comments in italics.

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