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OK, people. After much deliberation, the results are in.

The judging panel of Silent Penguin, Nerd42 and Hindleyite have reached the agreement prizes be awarded in two categories:

  • Best Straight Article. The most accomplished rambling for which the prize is a pickle in a jar. Runners up get a pickled onion each.
  • Best Randumb Article. The article that is most random and makes least sense, for which the prize is an inflatable hammer. Runners up get a goldfish each.

Don't be despondent if you didn't win, because it's the taking part that counts, right? And all entrants receive an imaginary pickle to display on their mantelpiece in their minds. So, congratulations to everyone that entered!

Bearing that in mind, brace yourself for the results...

Results[edit source]

The Pickle
[edit source]

Mouse Trap by Testostereich

Runner up:
Lemon Fish Hair by The Divine Fluffalizer

Honourable Mentions:
Foggy Glasses, Deviled Eggs

The Inflatable Hammer
[edit source]

My Dumb Article by Fashionista5676

Runner up:
Random Insanity II by Flameviper

Honourable Mentions:
The Illogic Pickle, Mind dribble

Some other things[edit source]

Articles not already in existence in the mainspace have been moved there and are available to edit again.

The next competition will most likely be held later in the year to mirror the Uncyclopedia PLS.

Rules[edit source]

  • You have until the 10th of Jumbly to come up with the best dam article you could ever write.
  • Only you may contribute to the article.
  • You may only submit one article. Editors are permitted to make whatever changes they like, including the article itself, providing it is done before the deadline.
  • Use the template {{Pickle}} to mark the article so it is not edited by someone else.

Entries[edit source]

In order of date entered. Author comments in italics.

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