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I know a guy. His name is Charles. The time is unknown.

Charles lives in a nomadic tribe in Africa, which is a poor-shit country by the way. Charles, not knowing what was outside of his poor-shit tribe in his poor-shit village in his poor-shit continent which is Africa, did not know what lay ahead of him. When Charles was a boy, only 12 years old, he was walking through the forest to the nearby nomadic village. He saw a plant. It was a peculiar plant. It looked like it had 9 pointy parts on the leaf.

Charles stared at this plant for quite a long time, and quite frankly, he thought it was cool. Everybody knows in the village that if one can grind up a plant in paper, roll the paper up, and burn it as a sacrifice to the gods, that person will receive a great reward. Charles thought about this (he is sentient) and decided it was a good idea. He could be naive at times, but he is still sentient. Nobody knows what went on in Charles' head at the time, but it was probably something that had to do with the gods and the rewards he will receive for his sacrificial ritual.

Charles picked the plant and brought it back to his poor-shit tribe. He walked through the main entrance in a happy manner and showed off his newly found plant.

He started the ritual that night and everything went funny when he finaly woke up the next morning, he couldnt remember what happened the night before and he was on a cargo ship bound for America.