Cheese is the worst

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“What do you mean, "some grue cheesily"?”

~ Francis E. Dec on cheese being gruesomely cheesy

To everyone who will listen to me, cheese is the worst! It is nothing short of junky junky junk! Bleeurgh! How can you consider this... horrid... mess edible!? Twits food no moose I hate because bad is! Eeeeeeeee!

Just look at these things! The Cheese? The Big Cheese? You must have been huffing mops!

Think about it! You take milk add cheeseo magic to the milk, then the flying monkeys come and throw poop at the giant swimming pools! Then the sun comes out (whose rays are mighty) and dries up the milk, and if God is displeased he will destroy the poop/milk/cheeseo magic mix and turn it into this horrid item!

Did you know[edit | edit source]

  • Satan loves cheese? Well he does. So if you eat cheese you are worshipping Satan's socks and tendrils.
  • Cheese makes you sneeze (no really, go check it)!

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