The Cheese

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The cheese forms a layer. The layer is nice and friendly. To cookies. Eaten cookies. Other kinds of cookies are set on fire.

Except banana fish. Fishy banana fish; fish that is formed of banana and terribly terribly fishy! Not very cheesy, but rather queasy. Comes in two sizes: regular and big.

Hard cheese does not cause death, for it is super. It sups for supper. 'Sup, it says and then I suppose that's it. Don't read this, ch33s3 d00d – this is not libsupc++. The oogley boogley cheese man will get you, like a dwarf dives into a mortar made of, filled with, and firing cheese – down his throat! Yummy!

Business acumen[edit]

The cheese is also a renowned banker and a wealthy, healthy banker at that. His knowledge knows no bounds though he has a very short fuse and can erupt at any given moment. He works twenty three and a third hours a day and sleeps at weekends. All other times he binges on coffee and listens to Pink Floyd.

He is also big.

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