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Male is something the maleman drops off in your malebox which was sent to you by other people, who are often referred to as hats for the reason that they speak only Korean, except when they speak a different language, such as orange, which is known as a fruit, a color, a drink, and a place, which is sometimes spelled "Oranje," which may look like a misspelling to some xweetoks, who are of a species which is not to be confused with Yersinia Pestis, or perhaps is to be confused with just such a species, which can definitely can not cause Bubonic plague, which is known for being a disease which is not synonymous with any theories of Cataplasm, which are quite good theories from a scientific standpoint, which is exemplified by the Destruction of the local bubble in our Galaxy, which sffft plllh people are afraid of, because of the hue hue dude, who just sits in his chair!!

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