DUdE... My HeAd HURtS!!!

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Ouch, that makes my tummies hurt!? Bobby, you can't really fly, just face the facts: Your Ear is to flabby to allow you to destroy Neptune. The thing is, you ain't that cool. In fact. I Thinks you is a cowlinger.

Oh yeah[edit]

Dude, there is no denying it. PUDDING IS HEAVEN. FucKInng ShIt I Can"t SeeM tO prESs tHE BaCKKKK butTTTTTTTTTTToN...

OK, man, my toe is really trying to burn itself. You

know. Suicide. That's becasue you is a freak. Stop it.

Ok, what the fuck. I'm like moving over here! Johnny, stop messing with the fucking time machine!
Oh Shit, now I'm moving backwards. God I hate hats. Ow! My Butt!
Oh Noes!Not the colors!!!!!1
Oh, man! An approching camel!

It's forty feet away![edit]

Oh GOD! My nose will never recover from this! I have to start speeding down the highway. Whoa. It's brick wall and I am heading RigHt aT iT!!!11!

It's thirty-five feet away![edit]

Dude, my wife might be wondering what kind of cheese this monlery pooed out. I've got to go! This wall keeps getting closer!!!!!!!! AAHAHHAHAHHAHH! Wait. I can stop this shit with my foot.

*sticks out foot*

I'm Thirty feet away![edit]

Oh, GEEZE! It doesn't work like it that movie... I better call my relatives and send them my drool.

I'm twenty feet away![edit]

Crap! I thought this was going by fives so I had more time to talk! FUCK FUCK FUCK DAMN! My dog will never forgive me... even if I do shave him!! That's it. I'm going to hit my head with this conveniently placed mop handle.

I'm twenty -two and six-thirds feet away![edit]

Dude, how was I moving backwards at the first sight of a melon? This means I will have to buy myself twenty kegs of beer and file a lawsuit against barney! My life is really shaping up to be a balloon like gun. This is it! My face is going to fall off!

Oh, fuck.[edit]

Hey, my face fell off! How many donkeys have you seen puke that much lately? I didn't think so. Now, back to the business. JOHNNY!!! I TOLD YOU TO STOP FUCKING AROUND WITH THE FENCE! NOW GET IN HERE AND GET MY YAK THAT LIKES TO LICK FEET!

Damn it! I thought this problem was over!
Damn, not this again!!1!!!

Oh, it is done. OH NOES! IT"S THE MASTER TRIANGLE OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dude, I think I'm dead. PS, this is the end.