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The ferocious unicorn is the dolphin’s most significant natural predator.

You've heard the expression "Chicken of the Sea"? Well, dolphins are the NY strip steak of the sea.

Dolphins are the second smartest species on the third planet from the star Sol; they fall just below mice and just above aishas and draiks as shown by my misspelling of "species".

Next time you vacation to the east coast - Savannah, in particular, look through your binoculars around 1:30 am and you'll see ghostly dolphin boats cruising through the tides with eerie glowing lights surrounding the boat's hull.

The tastiest and by far most difficult dolphin to catch. Delphinidae Turbinicus.

Oh sure, they call themselves "shrimp boats" but everyone around these here parts knows that they're really casting for dolphins & peophins. Why else would there be hundreds of dolphins jumping through the air in their wake? They're jumping for joy at the sight of nets full of shrimp (aka "dolphin bait"). And all those seafood "soups of the day" on Bay Street? Dolphin a la king!

Famous dolphins include Flipper, flotsam, Fishi Sprague, and Lori Deuce.

Dolphins are famous for their victorious resistance of the complicating powers of Law.