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File:Duncan donuts.jpg
Duncan Donuts. As you can see, a guy just bought a 'hole lot of them (Ha ha I made a pun)

Duncan Donuts. Aah, the no.1 brand of dough nuts, or more specifically, dough in nuts. Yes...nuts in dough, nutdoughs. No wait, I mean doughnuts. ANYWAY, Duncan Donuts is not to be confused with Dunkin' Donuts, which is an action in which people dunk donuts into whatever they can find, water, coffee, mercury, nitroglycerine, vomit, Wii and other strange liquids. Ah yes. STRANGE LIQUIDITIS.

Duncan founded Duncan Donuts, and ever since it has been called that. NOT DUNKIN, BUT DUNCAN. GET IT RIGHT!!!

Not left, or more specifically, Pheonix Wleft. YEESH.

At Duncan Donuts, there are many flavors of donuts, of which one of their favorites is: Really hot stuff flavor. It really melts in your mouth.....along with your mouth. BUT YOU HEARD NOTHING!


Ah, the 50 official flavors of Duncan Donuts. And the 50 unofficial flavors, which are fakes created by n00bs off the net. You know, fish? FISH!

  • Really hot stuff flavor
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Tarantula
  • n00b (unofficial)
  • Barney The Dinosaur
  • EVIL!
  • An unofficial favor which is unofficial obviously.
  • Sugary
  • Extra Sugary
  • So ever sugary you'd think it wasn't sugary.
  • Nothing
  • Oblivion Flavor (unofficial)

AND all the others, well....I don't bother. only brother. OH, brother, I feel YOU!

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