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You were not looking for Burger King or Booger King. You were not looking for McDonald's. Nor cheese.

Typical Nasty King

Nasty King is a fast-food restaurant serving Nasty Burgers made of unicorn meat, alien scum, old Plutarian ginger-ale and a mixture of a nasty sauce. It started in the year 2356 in a shack on Venus serving 3.2 people a day. They, with 13 restaurants serve 4.5 people a day.

Founding Principles[edit | edit source]

It was founded by the Nasty King on Venus in 2356. It was co-founded by George W. Bush and Dr. Phil. They sold their nasty mixture to the public this way. They made $0.01 per day from telekenesis, making a penny appear. Their food is very, very nasty.

Other Info[edit | edit source]

Nasty King also sells Nasty Fries made out of Martian mucus. They cannot compete with Burger King or McDonald's because they are talking ant Venans and they are mutated humans.


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