European monsoon

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Yes it's true. It's offical. I know. Those guys. It's not them. But now in summer Europe has a new treat.


Scientists say so[edit | edit source]

Which makes me wonder, what happened to the positive scientists. I bet they drowned. Huff puff.

I swear this is David Cameron's secret plan[edit | edit source]

Blumin' Tories. Making them scribbly trees.

What the papers say[edit | edit source]

“A little known phenomenon called the “European monsoon” is partly to blame for another British summer washout, experts have warned.”

~ The daily tellygraph dot co dot uk.

“Forget a few Summer showers, the UK is about to be drenched in a genuine European monsoon. Heavy showers are expected to sweep across the country for the rest of month, according to climate experts.”

~ Daily mail.

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