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“Gimme my bazooka, I wanna pop that commie!!”

The Evil Penguin (thunder and lightning will appear, if that name of Evil is mentioned!) was created by The Program of EVIL! It's made purely out of something evil and that's bad, right?

The birth of it[edit | edit source]

He's watching. Watching you. It seem he doesn't likes you. You are in trouble, young man

Evil Penguin (Thunder, Flash!) was accidentally created, when a drunken penguin was stepping in a abandoned warehouse, at the same time and place was the Lixux, the program of evil, activated. The Penguins were radiated and it mutated to the EVIL PENGUIN!! (THUNDER, FLASH) It got a job from the known commie, Linus Torvalds, when he noticed the abilities of It.

What it wants[edit | edit source]

To conquer and destroy the free world, and share the penguin's communist lifestyle. After retireing the penguin hopes to: