Evil penguins

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Oh, so evil.

Evil Penguins. Oh, oh, oh, so evil! So evil they will steal your sonks and feed them to the lions. So evil they will eat your televisions right before Friday Night with Jonathan Ross!

Their weapons[edit]

  • Bouncy castles - utilised to seduce children into their nefarious schemes via hypnotic bouncing.
  • Interrogative counsellors - used in conjunction with hypnotic bouncy castles and brain medication
  • Javascript - especially Javascript clocks in HTML pages. They're the work of the Devil I tells ya!
  • Writing things backwards - sure sign of Satanistic behaviour. Do not read it!
  • Sgni, htyn ihsr ebü, Sdraw K'cabsgni H'tgni Tirw III - no, I said don't read it!
  • Emigration in the direction of Polynesia - yes, worldwide politics.
  • Weapons such as the Ultimate Shotgun
  • Eek'n oselbe - jumbled eeble sonks
  • A giant mechanical penguin that breaks into houses at 2AM to pinch your fridges. Look out for them, they can be identified by their tuxedo.
  • Obafemi Martins

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