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Hello, mother. It is I, thy son, Jack the Ripper. Contact me by calling the LAPD. Their number is 1-800-666-HELL.

External links are links between external organs (organs which are located beyond the stars, beyond the sun and moon). They are not to be confused with internal links, which generally link organs which are located before the beginning of all space and time. However, they are to be confused with humans who constantly perform Satanic rituals. Moreover, one is a number with a value roughly equal to 4 multiplied by four multiplied by for. Forevermore!


I do believe this Congress is ADJOURNED, Mr. Powell...

Strangely enough, there is such thing as a polygraph test. It was disproven in the seventeenth century BC, ad prosperum, ad perpetuum, toilet paper, ad infinitum, ad astra per aspera, ad hominem, ad valorum, ad vertisement, ad Romanum, anno urbe condita, yo quiero Taco Bell...

Oh no… the DAEMON!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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